Formerly Cool
Formerly Cool
Careful. Desperation is contagious.


Desperation is contagious.

A comic novel
by Jay Abramowitz
and Tom Musca


“A compelling darkly funny look inside the Hollywood of today from someone who knows; a Day of the Locust set in the world of sitcoms.”

Al Jean, longtime Executive Producer, The Simpsons

Formerly Cool is populated by vivid, three dimensional characters of many ages who live and breathe on the page as they flounder, flail and often fail in their efforts to find a respite from pain, need, emotional fatigue and stress… This is genuine, entertaining LITERATURE, a human story set in Hollywood and its environs, about real people working to survive a slightly surreal world. I recommend you take this funny, poignant and ultimately quite satisfying ride.”

Chip Keyes, former Executive Producer, Valerie, The Hogan Family


“Even better than my 'Full House' scripts.”

Jay Abramowitz


Jay Abramowitz graduated from Wesleyan University and attended UCLA Film School, where he supported himself by driving tours to the homes of the stars. He went on to write and produce a dozen situation comedies, as well as comedy pilots for Warner Bros. Television, CBS and ABC. Abramowitz has conducted comedy-writing workshops at the American Film Institute and consulted on projects for Columbia/Tri-Star International Television.

He was head writer on the animated PBS series Liberty’s Kids, an account of the American Revolution that blended fact, fiction and comedy and utilized the vocal talents of, among others, Dustin Hoffman, Annette Bening and Walter Cronkite.


Tom Musca earned his MFA at UCLA Film School and went on to produce and co-write the Warner Bros. film Stand and Deliver, which is part of the Library of Congress collection. He has written roles for Andy Garcia, James Gandolfini, America Ferrera, Benicio del Toro, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Edward James Olmos, Paul Rodriguez and Raquel Welch. Television credits include working as Executive Story Consultant and writing several episodes of the NBC television series You Again? with Jay Abramowitz. Musca just finished writing and directing the feature film comedy Chateau Vato and is currently the Coordinator of the MFA Screenwriting Concentration at the University of Miami.